Data Stories: Global Satellite Optical Payloads

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By David Belcher, Analysis Manager

Globally, satellite optical payload manufacturing revenue has increased 136%, from a nearly $1.6B market in 2010 to $3.7B in 2017*. Avascent projects that revenues in this market could grow by another 23% next year, driven predominantly by spending from government operators on Medium, Large, and Heavy satellites.
If the global economy continues its recovery, it is likely that optical payload manufacturing revenues will remain strong. Use filters in the graphs below to analyze the optical satellite payload manufacturing market by Operator Type and Mass Class.

*Manufacturing revenues are not allocated exclusively to year of satellite launch

Status Key:
Mass Class (kg):
Nano: <10kg
Micro: 11-50kg
Small: 51 – 500kg
Medium: 501 – 2,000kg
Large: 2,001 – 5,000kg
Heavy: 5,001 – 10,000kg
Super Heavy: >10,000kg

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