Data Stories: The Future of Small Launchers

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By David Belcher, Analysis Manager

To date, small launchers (defined by Avascent as rockets with a payload capacity of less than 2,500 kg to orbit) have played a niche role in the global satellite launch market. However, in recent years, dozens of companies have announced plans to develop small launch vehicles that will cater to the burgeoning small satellite market. Although the dreams of many of these companies may not succeed, the energy and resources surrounding the small launch market suggest that the desire from small satellite operators for more launch options is real.

Click on the charts below to get a look at the past of the small launcher industry, as well as next year’s planned launches of small launch vehicles. Set the Launch Year slider to January 1 of each year in your range of interest. Hover over the tree chart for additional detail.

*Iranian and North Korean launches are omitted

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