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State Ownership in the European Defense Sector: Change or Continuity?

Europe’s modern-day industrial base has its origins in the European nation-states, which took early interest in, and eventual control of, its destiny. Yet, the passing of kings and sovereigns, the end of large continental wars, and the dismantling of cross-border trade barriers have done little to transform state attitudes toward what the French still refer to as “pouvoirs régaliens.” According to an Avascent analysis of Europe’s top defense companies, state participation remains remarkably high across most of the continent. A close examination of all European companies generating more than €400 million in defense sales in 2011 reveals a remarkable statistic: governments owned some 20% of a combined value of €84 billion.

Transatlantic Defence Cooperation: Europe’s Weakness Denies America a Key Partner

In the latest edition of The European, Avascent’s Christina Balis considers the future of the transatlantic security relationship in the aftermath of the US elections. While many in Europe may have welcomed President Obama’s reelection, the President’s emphasis on Asia combined with Europe’s eroding military capabilities pose a long-term challenge to the continued relevance of the US-European security partnership. Without real reform and commitment, Europeans are likely to find themselves increasing irrelevant to America’s global security agenda.

By Christina Balis Director, Avascent Europe Download:  Financial markets’ initial reaction to France’s election of François Hollande was a blend of apprehension and resignation. The response elsewhere, including in most european capitals, was similarly mixed, reflecting lingering concerns about France’s commitment to balancing its budget but also early acceptance to the arrival of France’s new …