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Strategy & Management Consulting in Government-Driven Sectors

Avascent specializes in working with clients in sectors where government actions – either as a customer, regulator, or arbitrator – critically shape the strategic options available to senior executives. These sectors, ranging from national security to healthcare to global infrastructure, are characterized by multifaceted stakeholder relationships, complex institutional decision-making processes, and high stakes competition among some of the world’s most technologically sophisticated players. Understanding the intricate interactions – between politics and policy, budgets and programs, technology and missions – is essential to formulating and executing effective competitive strategies.

Avascent is unique in its ability to understand and frame these issues, providing clients with fact-based consulting and advisory services across a range of domains.

  • Aerospace
  • Defense Systems
    Defense Systems
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure & Energy
    Infrastructure & Energy
  • Intelligence & Cyber
    Intelligence & Cyber
  • Logistics & Transportation
    Logistics & Transportation
  • Outsourced Services
    Outsourced Services
  • Private Equity
    Private Equity
  • Public Transit
    Public Transit
  • Security & Public Safety
    Security & Public Safety
  • Space & Satellite Communications
    Space & Satellite Communications
  • Strategy & Growth
    Strategy & Growth
  • Global Expansion
    Global Expansion
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing
    Customer Strategy & Marketing
  • Business Capture & Pricing
    Business Capture & Pricing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Organization
  • US Defense Systems/050
    US Defense Systems/050
  • US Federal Services
    US Federal Services
  • Global Defense Systems
    Global Defense Systems
  • International Budget Forecasts
    International Budget Forecasts
  • Defense Platforms
    Defense Platforms
  • Military Personnel
    Military Personnel