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Political Report: 9/24/2018

By Matt Vallone, Director of Research & Analysis Main Story: Only Six Days Left Before Fiscal Year 2018 Ends It’s an odd week when the possibility of the federal government shutting down might only be the second or third biggest story in the news. Last week, the uproar over sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court …

The Weekly Wire: For Your Situational Awareness 9.20.18

By Avascent Analytics team A quick look at the biggest stories of the week South Korea • Poland • India • Estonia/Portugal South Korea Last week, a series of South Korean defense developments occurred during the DX Korea 2018 exhibition in Seoul. On September 13, the US State Department approved the possible sale of six P-8A maritime patrol aircraft worth …

The Weekly Wire: For Your Situational Awareness 9.13.18

By Avascent Analytics team Data Stories: Budget Scenarios and Options for Funding Japan’s F-3 5th Generation Fighter Japan’s F-3 program is one of the largest fighter development programs outside the United States, and a lot is riding on it for Japan. But how much budget space is there for defense research & development (R&D), and for the …

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