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The Weekly Wire: For Your Situational Awareness 3.22.18

By Avascent Analytics team Avascent Analytics Review – Defense Spending Prospects Look Good in the Next Few Years, but Will Face Long-Term Problems In the recently-released FY 2019 Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP), the Department of Defense (DoD) has projected rapid near-term expansion of spending, an increase of just under 11% from FY 2017 to FY 2018 and …

Political Report: 3/19/2018

By Matt Vallone, Director of Research & Analysis Main Story: Government Funding Runs Out Friday, but a Shutdown is Unlikely On Friday the current continuing resolution runs out and Congress should, emphasis on should, pass an omnibus appropriations bill to fund the government through the remaining six months of FY 2018. However, Congressional leadership fights …

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