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Avascent quoted in National Defense article “The Promise and Limits of Foreign Markets”

In “The Promise and Limits of Foreign Markets,” National Defense Editor, Sandra Erwin, discusses the necessity for Pentagon contractors to expand into foreign defense markets in order to balance declining U.S. military sales. Data supplied by Avascent Analytics sizes the international conventional arms market at more than $100 billion, while Avascent Managing Director Jon Barney is …

Release of New Avascent Analytics (050) Dataset

On August 7, Avascent Analytics released an update to the 050 dataset now available on the website, 050.avascent.com. Below are highlights of updates that will feature in this new dataset, though a complete description of the changes is provided in the memo linked below: Fiscal Year 2013 Sequestration: Avascent has integrated the effects of the …

Avascent’s Jon Barney Defines “BUSI” Defense Markets at CSIS

On July 19, Avascent Managing Director Jon Barney spoke at the CSIS panel “Expanding Foreign Sales of U.S. Military Equipment.”  Barney outlined what Avascent believes to be the most promising international defense markets today – Brazil, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India – using the acronym “BUSI”.  During the discussion, Barney showcased a presentation which illustrated international defense …

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