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Avascent Analytics’ GPS database was recently acquired by Janes. The scope and functionality of the tool remains the same.
Current subscribers will be receiving instructions on how to login to GPS moving forward. For more information please see our announcement or reach out to your GPS contact with questions. Thank you.

Industry-Leading Market Intelligence

With unmatched understanding of the geopolitical, economic, budgetary, business and technological trends, Avascent has been providing analysis of the global aerospace and defense sector to clients in industry and government for more than three decades.

Global Platforms & Systems

Through a web-based interface with fully traceable analysis and customizable segmentation models, our market intelligence toolkits give clients insight into complex global markets. Professionals in strategy analysis, business development, and acquisition planning have confidence that the Avascent Analytics data is grounded in rigorous research and extensive experience.

Full Spectrum Analytics

The Global Platforms & Systems database covers global defense acquisition with detailed, program-by-program forecasts.


Market Data & Analysis

We provide industry-leading global market forecasts, used by corporate and government decision makers.


Data Customization

Our state-of-the-art visualization tools are built to extract actionable insights from vast datasets.



Our teams have extensive experience analyzing and integrating disparate data sources and developing custom taxonomies.


Strategy Integration

Our tools reflect the business knowledge of our team of trusted advisors to the top leaders in aerospace and defense.

Access the Defense Budget Explorer
for the FY2021 US Defense Budget:

• Quick analysis
• Easy visualizations
• Free

Big Data Drives Even Bigger Opportunities

The quantitative and qualitative tools that Avascent Analytics develops help industry and government leaders size markets, forecast customer demand, identify emerging opportunities, and conduct rigorous competitive analyses. Our tools feature intuitive, mobile-optimized, visualizations that leverage the full power of the underlying data to enable better decision-making.

Strategic Insights Across Sectors

Avascent Analytics offers data-driven market intelligence products and services across a broad range of sectors.


Global Military Modernization

A global, program-by-program defense spending forecast:

  • Granularity at the level of both platforms and their major subsystems
  • Covers more than 98 percent of addressable spending
  • Customizable to individual clients
  • Dynamic visualizations
  • Export to Excel

Global Military Sustainment

A forecast of platform sustainment services for the global military market:

  • Spending forecasts across MRO, Training & Simulation, Support Engineering, Spare Parts, and other categories
  • Relies on rigorous analysis of operating costs across aircraft, ships, ground vehicles, and missile defense systems

Federal Contracts Intelligence

The best way to gain insight into federal spending and contracting trends:

  • Imposes transparency and a rational structure on the chaos of raw FPDS data
  • Opportunity identification
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Dynamic visualizations
  • Export to Excel

Our Leadership

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