Political Report: 6/18/2019

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Main Story: Defense Bills Make Progress but Lack of Budget Deal Looms

Last week, the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) passed its version of the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This week, the full Senate will begin to debate on the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) version. The House Appropriations Committee has already passed out its version of DoD appropriations as well and it appears likely to come to the floor this week or next as part of a major omnibus bill. On the surface, the Congressional appropriations process appears to be moving well.

However, this surface progress masks two major obstacles. First, what level of defense and non-defense discretionary spending will be in this year’s appropriations. Second, how to handle money potentially going to the construction of a border wall along the southern border. Until progress is made on either of these issues, it is very hard to see how the start of FY2020 will begin with anything better than a continuing resolution, or as is increasingly likely, a shut down.

House Activity

The House will likely take up consideration of two ‘minibus’ appropriations bills covering the vast majority of discretionary spending. The administration has already threatened a veto and it is unclear if they will have the support necessary to pass just within the Democratic caucus.

Senate Activity

The Senate will take up consideration of the FY2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

Congressional Defense Activity

  •  HASC
    • No hearings this week
  •  SASC
    • No hearings this week
  •  HAC-D
    • No hearings this week
  •  SAC-D
    • No hearings this week
  • SFRC
    • 6/19 ‘Five Years After the Revolution of Dignity: Ukraine’s Progress/Russia’s Malign Activities’, Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation, SD-419 Dirksen, 230pm
    • 6/19 ‘Nominations’, Full Committee Hearing, SD-419 Dirksen, 1015am
    • 6/20 ‘Nominations’, Full Committee Hearing, SD-419 Dirksen, 945am
  • HFAC
    • 6/19 ‘Oversight of the Trump Administration’s Iran Policy’, Full Committee Hearing, 2172 Rayburn, 2pm
    • 6/20 ‘The State Department and USAID FY2020 Operations Budget, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, 2172 Rayburn, 3pm
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