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Main Story: Still No Deal on Appropriations, though National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Set for a Vote

Congressional negotiators remain at an impasse on key issues related to funding for FY2020, despite the fact that the continuing resolution currently funding the government runs out on December 20. However, progress has been made on the NDAA, which appears likely to come up for a vote before the end of this week. Such an achievement bodes well for eventually getting appropriations passed before the deadline on December 20.

House Activity

The House will likely take up and pass the conference report on the NDAA on Wednesday, December 11, or Thursday, December 12. It is also likely to vote on any appropriations legislation that can be agreed upon before the end of the week.

Senate Activity

The Senate will continue to work on nominations while being available to take up whatever the House is able to pass for end-of-year bills.

Congressional Defense Activity

  •  HFAC
    • 12/10 “Haiti on the Brink: Assessing US Policy Toward a Country in Crisis,” Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Civilian Security, and Trade, 2172 Rayburn, 10am
    • 12/10 “Authoritarianism with Chinese Characteristics: Political and Religious Human Rights Challenges in China,” Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and Nonproliferation, 2200 Rayburn, 130pm
    • 12/10 “The Way Forward in Iraq,” Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and International Terrorism, 2172 Rayburn, 2pm
    • 12/12 “Member Day Hearing,” Full Committee Hearing, 2172 Rayburn, 930am
  • SFRC
    • 12/11 “Business Meeting,” Full Committee Meeting, S-116 The Capitol, 10am
  • SASC
    • No hearings this week
  •  HASC
    • 12/10 “Diversity in Recruiting and Retention: Increasing Diversity in the Military – What the Military Services are Doing,” Subcommittee on Military Personnel Hearing, 2118 Rayburn, 2pm
    • 12/11 “US Policy in Syria and the Broader Region,” Full Committee Hearing, 2118 Rayburn, 10am
    • 12/11 “Climate Change in the Era of Strategic Competition,” Subcommittee on Intelligence and Emerging Threats and Capabilities Hearing, 2118 Rayburn, 2pm
  •  SAC-D
    • No hearings this week
  •  HAC-D
    • No hearings this week
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