Listen & View: FY 2017 Budget Webinar

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Avascent Analytics presents: An Analysis of the FY2017 President’s Budget Request and Its Implications for the Defense Industry

On February 12, 2016, Doug Berenson, Avascent’s in-house budget expert and Director of its Analytics division, provided a first look into the FY17 President’s Budget Request for the US Department of Defense. The presentation provided an overview of the current US Federal Government’s budget environment, the role of defense spending within it, and a discussion of key trends in funding allocations among services, accounts, and major programs.

Mr. Berenson answered questions from the attendees concerning future prospects for defense spending, given prevailing political and institutional pressures.

Speaker: Doug Berenson, Managing Director, Avascent

Doug has over twenty years of experience in the defense and aerospace sector with a specialization in macroeconomic, budgetary and programmatic forces shaping global defense and aerospace markets. In addition, Doug leads Avascent Analytics, a provider of rigorous, structured analyses on global defense markets.

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