New Numbers: Avascent Analytics August Data Update

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Avascent Analytics is pleased to announce the latest iteration of its Global Platforms & Systems (GPS) and Global Defense Budgets datasets.
Key highlights of this release include:
Updated Country Toplines: Nearly 30 countries have publicized new budget information since Avascent Analytics’ last data release. As a result, the data set has been updated to reflect the most up to date information available for all of the countries which Avascent Analytics covers. The map below can be used to identify which countries have updated budget data:

International Program Updates: Avascent Analytics has continued to keep program-level information up to date as well to reflect changes in both budgets and strategic priorities. The specific program updates are too numerous to list here, but a snapshot of the changes to Ukraine’s opportunity space can be seen below.

Key Markets: Since the last data release, Ukraine’s new budget has made it clear that it will be able to spend considerably more than was anticipated earlier – with the pool of contractor addressable funds more than doubling for 2017 alone.

The primary drivers of the increased opportunity space are projected increases in spending on aircraft, ships, and unmanned aerial systems – which is in line with Ukraine’s broader strategic goals in regards to Russia.
To access the most up to date version of Avascent Analytics’ data, please visit our website. If you would like to set up a demonstration of Avascent Analytics’ tools, contact Ryan Trapani.

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