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Max Grasso’s Bio

Max Grasso supports Avascent’s commercial space practice and contributes to customer-specific engagements that touch on most parts of the value-chain. He assists clients in private equity and at Fortune 500 companies on strategic growth, M&A, and capture efforts.

Most work pertains to orbital launch, satellite remote sensing, human spaceflight, and US space policy. Max has used quantitative and qualitative methods to assess market demand, determine business development opportunities, size addressable markets, analyze competitor tactics, and cultivate strategic growth options.

Max currently manages Avascent’s commercial space launch team, upholding its orbital launch manifest and US launch-tracking tool. He has completed multiple strategic capture and price-to-win efforts for leading aerospace and defense primes.

Throughout such engagements, he has identified customer-shaping opportunities during pre-solicitation, assessed RFP evaluation criteria, and facilitated “Black Hat” exercises to gauge competitor ghosting strategies.

Additionally, he has extensive experience providing private equity clients with thorough due-diligence reports to validate financial viability, forecasted upside, and market positioning of acquisition targets. Work pertained to buy-side, sell-side, and strategic investments in disruptive space startups across the value-chain, with some having valuations greater than $10B.


Prior to joining Avascent, Max received a Bachelor of Science degree in both International Relations and Mathematics from the University of Michigan. His academic focus was primarily on economic analysis, finance, and industrial policy. He also previously had direct work experience in the space industry, where he spent one summer as a research analyst for a commercial spacesuit manufacturer.

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