Our Advantage

In Avascent’s over three decades of supporting defense and government industry clients, we have developed a thorough and proven solution to addressing our clients’ most pressing challenges.

In our experience, complex strategic challenges require an approach that is:

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Independent yet collaborative
  3. Insights-based and results-oriented

The “Avascent Advantage” derives from four pillars that form a core set of capabilities and values that set the context for all our client relationships. They reflect both what we bring to the table and who we are as a firm.


What We Bring

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built through rigorous and thoughtful work.

Sector Expertise and Experience

We value our extensive experience in assessing the unique business context of government-driven sectors, particularly in the defense and security environment.

Through many engagements, we have developed a keen understanding of the government-industry relationships around the globe, to a degree no generalist management consulting firm can match.

Avascent is recognized for our ability to discern and frame complex environments in ways that drive both understanding and decision-making for our clients.

Deep, Rich Client-Focused Work

We emphasize developing intellectually rigorous, fact-based analyses and recommendations that are aligned with our clients’ needs and objectives.

In addition to our previous experience, we collect and analyze the data needed to understand each situation. In order to capture and assess trends that shape our clients’ success, we draw on a range of internal databases and outside sources and conduct extensive, tailored primary source interviews with customers, suppliers, SMEs, and other industry participants.

An effective strategy cannot rely on off-the-shelf knowledge, but must be informed through an analytically intensive, “outside-in” process that applies broad knowledge to specific client questions.

Who We Are

We are proud of our reputation for responsive client service and our long-term relationships with our clients, many of which date back a decade or more.

Flexible, Collaborative Group of Professionals

At Avascent, we operate in a highly collaborative, team-oriented, and nonhierarchical manner that seeks to draw out the best ideas as we contend with our clients’ challenges.

We recruit from within the industries we serve, as well as from top-tier schools, to create a unique mix of experience and intellectual intensity. Due to the fast-paced, fact-driven work, our team gains expertise in a vast array of different industries and service areas.

Our collaborative model is also reflected in how we interact with our clients.

Trustworthy Member of the Community

Avascent has over three decades built a reputation as a firm fully engaged in the critically important industries it serves as well as the communities within which it operates.

We take pride in having built a strong reputation through our:

  • Commitment to intellectually rigorous, client-focused work;
  • Focus on original research and thought leadership;
  • Recognition of the vital public missions our clients enable; and
  • Engagement with our local communities around the world

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