About Avascent

We are the leading strategy consulting firm in government-driven industries

A trusted leader with a rich history of delivering success.

We are the preeminent strategy and management consulting firm serving clients in government-driven industries. With over three decades of experience, a team of over 100 consultants, and a global network of experienced advisors, we provide clients with the expertise they need to succeed. Founded in 1984, as Defense Forecasts, Inc., Avascent has had a long and distinguished history assisting corporate and government clients through rigorous, fact-based analysis and insights that our clients have come to know, respect and value.

Our Advantage

The Avascent Advantage is derived from our core set of values and capabilities. These 4 pillars govern how we work with our clients, how we approach our work, and how we are able to deliver consistent and valuable work to those we work with.

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Our Work

We work across multiple industries and offer customized services along with full spectrum analytics.
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Meet Our Team

We work with the smartest and most experienced people around the globe.
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Partnerships & Affiliations

We believe being an active and trusted member of the community is the only way to do business. Be it partnering with other experts to create the best strategy for our clients or being members of professional organizations, we actively participate in growing the communities we are a part of.

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