Our History

The Avascent of today is the product of an over thirty-year history of serving clients across the spectrum of defense, aerospace and government sectors. What began in Dr. Barry Blechman’s spare bedroom on Swann Street in Washington, DC, has grown into a global leader recognized for its insightful analysis, deep expertise, and relentless commitment to client service.

While much has changed over the course of the company’s history, the values that undergirded its earliest days have endured, including a continuing dedication to an open and collaborative environment where rigor, service, initiative and professionalism are intertwined in everything we do.


Defense Forecasts, Inc. founded by defense expert, Dr. Barry M. Blechman, author of more than 25 books on defense and national security topics.

Defense Forecasts (later DFI International) grows steadily throughout the 1980s and 1990s, serving a diverse mix of both government and corporate clients with a unique brand of rigorously researched analysis and hard-headed strategic advice. Eventually organized into two operations: One serving government customers and the other serving corporate and financial clients.



After years of steady growth, Defense Forecasts became DFI International, reflecting the company’s growing work in non-defense areas, and creates DFI Corporate Services focused on serving leading corporate and financial clients.


Senior management of the corporate side of DFI execute a management buy-out of the firm and rename it The Avascent Group. Steve Irwin, who joined DFI in 1992 and became president of DFI’s corporate business in 2005, became president of Avascent. Since executing the buyout, we have more than doubled in size and diversified its services and client base.

Detica (later acquired by BAE) acquires the government portion of DFI International.


Building on its record of rigorous analysis of US and global defense budgets and markets, the firm established Avascent Analytics to provide strategic planning and business development organizations with comprehensive and customizable forecasts of spending and investment around the world.

Since its creation, Avascent Analytics’ flagship product has become the foundation for the strategic planning processes of many of the industry’s leading players.


To integrate the insights of experienced leaders from government, industry, and the military, we established Avascent Global Advisors, a network of highly experienced professionals with expertise ranging from military operations to healthcare to cybersecurity.

With its ever growing team, Avascent Global Advisors provides guidance to senior leaders to help them navigate the increasingly complex environment at the intersection of business, policy, and technology.


The Avascent Group rebrands as Avascent and opens Avascent Europe based in Paris.



We open the London office and join Avascent Europe.


We open Avascent Canada based in Ottawa.


Toshi Nabeta joins the company to launch Japanese operations under Avascent Tokyo.

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