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COVID-19: Weathering the Storm – A Discussion

During the COVID-19 crisis government contractors need to proactively assess and plan for short and long term solutions. Join the discussion.

The Political Report 3/24/20

Main Story: COVID-19 Besieges the Capitol. To read more about the impact of COVID-19 on Congress and the DoD, click here.

Avascent on the Record: An Interview with Maj. General Robert Wheeler

Listen to our conversation with Maj. General Robert Wheeler on the changing national security environment and emerging near-peer threats.


Four Big Things to Watch in the Space Industry in 2020 (and a Quick Review of 2019)

At the beginning of ’19, we identified big things to watch in the space industry. What happened and what should we keep an eye on in 2020?

Disruption in Federal Contracting: Impact of Government’s Agile Focus Infographic

As the US Government pushes to modernize and become more agile, the contracting environment is shifting to favor those better positioned to compete for multiple, smaller task orders.

How NATO Military Spending Measures Up Against Russia and China

NATO’s long-term viability relates directly to future NATO military spending, especially when it comes to competing with Russia and China.

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