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Avascent Supports Racial and Social Justice Organizations in Charity Challenge

Avascent Gives is pleased to support organizations fighting for racial justice, educational inequality and helping those in need.

The Weekly Wire: For Your Situational Awareness 8/6/20

Coast Guards around the world are using UAVs to help with search and rescue, plus news from Spain, Canada, the Philippines, Serbia, and Greece

Avascent on the Record: COVID-19’S Effect on the Business Jet Market

In this episode of Avascent on the Record, Suraj Shah and Chris Higgins break down how COVID-19 is affecting the business jet market.


South America’s Response to COVID-19 and the Defense Sector Impact

Despite South America’s response to COVID-19 efforts to prevent physical and economic effects have been significant on the defense sector.

Clipped Wings: Suppliers’ Futures Hang in the Balance of the Parked Fleet

The impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry is unprecedented, yet prior downturns can still provide useful perspective.

How NATO Military Spending Measures Up Against Russia and China

NATO’s long-term viability relates directly to future NATO military spending, especially when it comes to competing with Russia and China.

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