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Avascent joins German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI)

Avascent joins BDLI, complementing our many years of active involvement with the German and European aerospace industry.

The Weekly Wire: For Your Situational Awareness 8.30.19

A Busy Week For The Indian Air Force Fuels Speculation, plus defense news from Brazil, Portugal and the Philippines.

Avascent on the Record: 2019 Paris Airshow Preview

Avascent’s Aerospace practice examine the key themes expected to be the center of discussion at the Paris Airshow in this podcast.


2019 MSPO Preview: Expected CEE Modernization Directives

The 2019 MSPO is being held between 3-6 September. Our White Paper examines the progress of Central and Eastern Europe’s defense modernization.

Disruption in Federal Contracting: Impact of Government’s Agile Focus Infographic

As the US Government pushes to modernize and become more agile, the contracting environment is shifting to favor those better positioned to compete for multiple, smaller task orders.

Supplier or Buyer Beware? Lessons Learned from Collaborative European Defense Programs

European defense collaborations have been on the rise with countries looking to develop joint capabilities and solidify alliances. Learn about the latest trends & updates.

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