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Avascent and RPDC Form Strategic Partnership to Support Technology Commercialization in Saudi Arabia

New partnership between Avascent and RPDC promotes economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Weekly Wire: For Your Situational Awareness 1.16.20

On this week’s Weekly Wire, Singapore’s F-35B purchase could yeild insight into the Navy’s plans, plus stories from the US and Germany

Avascent on the Record: An Interview with Maj. General Robert Wheeler

Listen to our conversation with Maj. General Robert Wheeler on the changing national security environment and emerging near-peer threats.


From the Analysis Desk: UK General Election Implications and Outlook for 2020

UK General Election impact on defense includes post-Brexit security arrangements, and MoD budget and procurement practices. Learn more.

Disruption in Federal Contracting: Impact of Government’s Agile Focus Infographic

As the US Government pushes to modernize and become more agile, the contracting environment is shifting to favor those better positioned to compete for multiple, smaller task orders.

How NATO Military Spending Measures Up Against Russia and China

NATO’s long-term viability relates directly to future NATO military spending, especially when it comes to competing with Russia and China.

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