A Day in the Life of Núria



Núria is from Valencia (Spain), and joined Avascent in 2017 as a member of the London office. Prior to Avascent, Núria studied aerospace engineering and worked in management consulting for Accenture Barcelona. Currently, Núria’s project work focuses on strategy for space related projects, specifically satcom, EO, HAPS, and other new space strategy work.

8:00 AM

Check WhatsApp/email to make sure nothing crazy happened in the DC office while I was asleep. My teammates in DC had a client meeting for Project A at 1 AM London time, so I was unable to dial in. I read through the call minutes and other emails. My manager sent me a meme of a cat sitting on a satellite. Great start to the day! I put on my gym clothes, grab a banana, and rush to the gym.

8:30 AM

I always check the news while on the tube, especially spacenews.com and defensenews.com. It’s really easy to miss out on major events when one is immersed in a project, so I always make sure to spend at least half an hour catching up.

9:00 AM

I go to a spin class, it helps me clear my mind and organize my day! I meet up with one of my coworkers there, then we walk to the office together.

10:00 AM

Project B kickoff. We meet the client at our London office and get aligned with them in terms of expectations and timing. We show them our initial findings and the hypotheses we will be working with along the project.

11:00 AM

Post-kickoff brainstorming session with the team. We get aligned on tasks, methodology, and module ownership and we set different internal deadlines.

12:00 PM

If we are not eating at our desks because of project deadlines, everyone in the London office eats together in the conference room or in the courtyard (if London weather allows it!).

1:00 PM

Call with the DC team for Project A to catch up and work on next steps after the client meeting they had last night.

2:00 PM

I am working on a financial model and I need to double-check some findings, so I call one of our internal SMEs to get his view on the topic. He gives me good insights and more ideas to research.

3:30 PM

I start my research based on our brainstorming session this morning for Project B and I start templating my slides. At this point, I have already had a Coke, a bag of crisps, and two ‘healthy’ protein balls. I blame it on the free snacks.

My project manager for Project B comes around and we discuss some of my findings and the approach I’m going to take for the specific module I’m owning. He has worked with this client before so he’s familiar with the kind of data they are expecting.

5:00 PM

Robin and Dan (two of my coworkers in London) and I take a coffee break and decide to split a bag of M&M’s. They have a final deliverable tomorrow for one of the projects they are working in, so they are debating whether to get Indian food or get pizza delivered.

5:30 PM

Back to financial modeling and more research for Project A. I have to turn in one of my modules by EOD tonight for my PM in DC to review, so I work on polishing that section and send it over.

7:00 PM

I am ready to leave the office but Robin and Dan have ordered Indian food so I decide to hang around for a little while. We decide on going for afterwork drinks tomorrow evening once their project is over.

7:30 PM

I meet some of my friends for dinner and then we go to a concert. Or maybe I just go home and chill.

11:00 PM

I check my email before going to bed and I see that my PM from DC has already reviewed some of my work. He has sent me an invite for a call tomorrow afternoon to discuss and work on further steps, so I check my calendar and I see I am taking a candidate out on a lunch interview tomorrow (I should plan on dressing accordingly). Before falling asleep, I text Dan and Robin to wish them luck with tomorrow’s presentation!

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