A Day in the Life of Alexia



Alexia conducts research and analysis to support clients operating in federal and international government-driven markets.

Prior to joining Avascent, Alexia worked as Junior Consultant Intern at Advention Business Partners Consulting Firm conducting market research and strategy analysis. She received a Masters’ in international development with a specialization in project management from Sciences Po Paris.

7:45 AM

Get used to getting up a bit earlier now that we’re back at the office, scroll through the news, take a quick breakfast before grabbing my new bike to head to the office, riding along the Seine, the Eiffel Tower and arriving place de la Concorde.

9:00 AM

Take advantage of the time difference with the London office to read and answer mails, organizing my day and sharing interesting news articles on Teams.

9:30 AM

It’s great to be able to catch up once more with the Paris team around a cup of coffee in the kitchen, keeping in mind social distancing! Check up on new interns, make sure that everything is clear and answer questions that come up.

10:00 AM

Join the team for a quick daily check-in meeting online on my project A for a European client, discussing potential roadblocks and setting up further tasks and deadlines.

10:15 AM

Do more research on project A, organizing outputs and filling in slides. Add stickies to be further discussed with the PM and set up calls in the afternoon, as necessary.

12:00 PM

Lunch time break is sacred in French culture! We go grab take-out lunch from open restaurants in the neighborhood and eat together in our big conference room; somehow ending up talking again about the difficulties of setting up joint European Defense projects, tank pgrms., along with Nabil’s food habits…

1:00 PM

Prepare for the afternoon client brief on Project A, trying to anticipate questions and align story.

2:00 PM

Weekly one-hour update call with the European client, briefing module updates, taking notes of follow up questions and potential edits.

3:00 PM

Check-in meeting with the American team on project B, at the start of their day.

3:15 PM

Send out invites on Linkedin, mails or try calling directly people for primaries on project B; as this is the time of the day that aligns with most time zones.

3:45 PM

Small break: grab a snack and cup of tea.

4:00 PM

Finish completing updates, and slides to send final version for the COB deadline on project B.

5:45 PM

Schedule a call with PMs if needed, to align research and objectives for the end of the day.

7:00 PM

In this case, the project is running a bit overtime, I order Deliveroo to eat at the office and spend my time further organizing research and tasks. Otherwise, I head out to take a drink during the last summer days on the riverbanks.

8:00 PM

Check out mails and feedback from the PM/PD to get an idea of priorities for the next day. Also check the calendar with next day’s meetings.

10:00 PM

Find a 30min online Yoga class to stretch out and relax after the day, read or watch a Netflix show before going to bed.

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