A Day in the Life of Garima



Garima supports Avascent’s work in M&A, global expansion, and customer strategy. Prior to Avascent, Garima worked in client management and international business development at the Trade Commissioner Service at Global Affairs Canada. Garima received her M.A from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto and a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Waterloo.

8:15 AM

Wake up, scroll through the news and make my morning coffee.

9:00 AM

I go upstairs to my temporary “home office” (really just a desk in the hallway) and start my day. I read through and reply to my unread emails and make a workplan for the day. I’ve decided to block off time in the morning to do research for my first project, and work on the model and slides for my second project in the afternoon.

9:30 AM

I pick up where I left off from yesterday doing research on the Canadian industrial base for my first project. I flag findings that my Project Manager (PM) will find interesting so I can bring them up in our check-in later this morning.

11:30 AM

I join a virtual meeting for my first project so we can do a research check-in. I’m able to share some of my findings and get direction on which areas we want to focus on next.

12:00 PM

It’s lunch time! One of my favourite parts about working from home is that I can make myself a fresh meal every day during my lunch break. Today I make myself a sandwich and salad. I throw on an episode of the latest show I’ve been watching while I eat my meal.

1:00 PM

I continue doing research on the Canadian industrial base with a specific focus on two companies that we think might warrant some further research. I post some of my findings on the Teams page.

2:15 PM

I join a virtual check-in meeting for my second project which is based out of the D.C. office – we’re looking at current healthcare trends!

2:30 PM

I’ve now pivoted to focusing on my second project for the remainder for the day. I’m working on completing updates to our healthcare market model so we can cut charts for our deck.

3:15 PM

I take a 15-minute break to step away from the non-responsive excel file… it has a ton of data!

3:45 PM

I finish completing updates on the model and start working on cutting charts for my slides.

5:00 PM

I send my completed slides to my manager for edits and join a virtual coffee-chat with some of my friends from the office.

5:30 PM

I spend some time organizing my research from my first project, as well as finding some more resources that I can look through tomorrow.

6:15 PM

It’s time to exercise! I’ve become hyperaware of how little I’ve been moving around during the day ever since I’ve been working from home. This has motivated me to try to build in more time to exercise and get moving (some days I’m more inspired than others).

8:00 PM

After I’ve worked out and had some dinner, I scan through an email from my manager from my healthcare project. I see I’ve received edits and take a quick scan through so I can get an idea of what I will need to do tomorrow.

8:15 PM

My “quick scan through” quickly turns into me actually working on some of the edits. I figure this will make my workload more manageable tomorrow.

9:30 PM

With good progress made on some of the edits, I log off for the day and spend some time reading and watching some shows before bed.

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