A Day in the Life of Riley



Riley supports growth strategy development for clients in government-driven markets in Avascent’s Canada office. His work includes existing and emerging market opportunities, evaluating potential M&A targets, Price-To-Win analyses, and due diligences. Prior to joining Avascent, Riley was part of the international finance team at General Dynamics. He holds a B.E.Sc. in Civil Engineering with Distinction from Western University and a B.A. in Honours Business Administration with Distinction from the Ivey Business School.

7:45 AM

I wake up after my third alarm goes off, stretch, and get ready to go on my morning run.

8:30 AM

I’m back from my run, I have a quick shower and put on comfortable clothes. Today I’ve chosen to work from home so I’m wearing more casual attire compared to how I’ll dress in the office tomorrow.

9:00 AM

I begin my day by checking my email and Teams pages for the two projects I am working on. I browse through a few daily industry newsletter emails which help to keep me up to date on the latest news.

9:30 AM

I have a 15 minute stand up meeting for a strategy project I am working on based out of our Washington DC office. Team members provide updates on workstreams & we discuss our path forward for the day.

9:45 AM

I start conducting secondary research on international aerospace procurement strategies in support of a public sector project I am staffed on. I am hoping to identify a couple more themes to finalize the slides I am working on. My team has our interim brief with our client scheduled at the end of the week.

12:00 PM

Lunch time approaches quickly! Today I make my go-to lunch: a Greek yogurt parfait with mixed berries.

1:00 PM

After lunch, I pivot to my corporate strategy project to work in Excel. I’m building two market size models that will help to determine the attractiveness of potential expansion markets for our client.

4:30 PM

I’ve made good progress on refining my market models which I plan to walk my PM through during our tag-up meeting tomorrow. Pleased with my progress, I take a break outside for some fresh air.

4:45 PM

I message through Teams another Analyst on my public sector project to chat about our international procurement research. We share our findings and brainstorm a template for our summary slide.

6:00 PM

I step out for a weekly dinner with friends that in reality only ends up happening once or twice a month.

7:30 PM

I’m home from dinner and I log back on to finalize my draft international procurement strategy slides.

8:30 PM

I’m done for the day, so I sit back and relax by catching up on one of my favourite TV shows, Succession.

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