Avascent Analytics releases U.S. Federal Cyber Market Sizing Toolkit

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WASHINGTON, DC – In its newly released 2014 Federal Cyber Market Forecast, Avascent Analytics estimates that the U.S. Federal Cyber market will grow from an estimated $12.3 billion in fiscal year 2014 to $14.2 billion by FY 2018, spanning both the classified and unclassified realms. This compound annual growth rate of 3.7 percent represents one of the few areas of Federal spending growth at a time when the Budget Control Act will continue to limit government procurement of technology and services.

Avascent is offering its Federal Cyber Market Sizing Forecast as an indispensable tool for strategic planning and market assessment. The toolkit draws extensively on Avascent’s long record of research and analysis of this opaque market space.

The Forecast estimates the size of addressable Cyber spending among all Federal agencies over a five-year period. Avascent’s product is an entirely unclassified forecast that spans both the classified and unclassified worlds. Estimates of customer spending are based on Avascent’s analysis of the U.S. Government’s unclassified IT budget documents, as well as Avascent’s own proprietary model of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) budget.

This product uses a market segmentation framework that recognizes key differences in how agencies buy Cyber capabilities. This includes varying demand for defensive and offensive/exploitation capabilities. Similarly, it estimates relative levels of demand for Cyber services and solutions, respectively.

Avascent’s Cyber Market Forecast provides an array of supplementary information that allows users to gain a measure of visibility into the unclassified source data that we use to generate the unclassified portion of the market. This data, based on IT program information assembled by the Office of Management and Budget, addresses specific programs and activities, and is tagged with Avascent’s assumptions regarding Cyber relevance and focus. In addition, the product offers Avascent’s estimate of competitor market share among leading firms in the unclassified Cyber market. The forecast will be updated to reflect the Fiscal Year 2015 budget request.

Avascent has a long record of supporting clients with tailored analyses of Cyber and related areas, including information technology services, the intelligence community, and data analytics. The firm works with an advisory group of former IC officials with deep understanding of customer requirements, buying practices, and programmatics. This collaboration has yielded unclassified analyses that help clients plan market entry, customer engagement, and program capture strategies. Avascent has now paired this market expertise with Avascent Analytics’ focus on developing, packaging, and maintaining standardized market analytic tools for defense and government services clients. The result is the Cyber Market Forecast, aimed at providing clients with a rigorous forecast of Cyber demand among dozens of Federal, DoD, and Intelligence agencies.


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