Preparing for 4th Generation Fighter and 5th Generation Fighter Integration Infographic

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Amid all the fanfare around the arrival of 5th generation fighters in US and allied air forces, it is a mistake to overlook the technological, cultural, operational, and defense industrial disruption these jets will cause as they integrate with legacy aircraft fleets.

Avascent’s new white paper, “Getting Ahead of the Curve: Operational Insights at the Dawn of the Fifth-Gen Fighter Era” covers ways to speed up fleet integration, improve the performance of new as well as legacy 4th generation fighters, save money, and open the door to new defense-industrial models.

These are vital insights because, as the infographic illustrates, the US will be approaching a 5th generation fighter crossover point around the late 2020s, while major allies will only see about a fifth to sixth of their fighter fleets composed of 5th generation fighters at that time.

Download the infographic in PDF form. 


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