Poland’s Defence Modernisation Plan: A Race Against Time

The 24th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce, comes at a critical stage for Poland’s defence sector and European security writ large. Read More.

Waiting for Liftoff:

Factors Inhibiting New GEO SATCOM Orders, and Reasons for Hope. Read More.

Dynamics of International Military Modernization 2016

Western Defense Industries Face Intensifying Global Competition. Download the Complimentary White Paper.

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Avascent is the leading strategy and management consulting firm serving companies operating in government-driven markets. From strategic growth to value capture, M&A to organizational optimization, Avascent helps clients address their most pressing business challenges.

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Our decades of experience in defense and diplomatic policy making helps us make sense of changes in the international security landscape, assess emerging opportunities, support re-prioritization strategies and foster collaborative relationships between governments and industry players. Learn more.

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Avascent specializes in rigorous, fact-based analysis and pragmatic recommendations designed to move your business forward.  

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Avascent’s expertise in global defense and security markets helps clients to anticipate risks and opportunities ahead of the curve.


Avascent helps clients rapidly explore new growth paths - through innovation, market expansion, and intelligence diversification.


Avascent helps private equity investors discern both risk and opportunity in some of the world's most complex markets.


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Avascent is the leading strategy and management consulting firm serving clients operating in government-driven markets. Working with corporate leaders and financial investors, Avascent delivers sophisticated, fact-based solutions in the areas of strategic growth, value capture, and mergers and acquisition support. With deep sector expertise, analytically rigorous consulting methodologies, and a uniquely flexible service model, Avascent provides clients with the insights and advice they need to succeed in dynamic customer environments.

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Avascent Analytics offers a suite of integrated market analysis products that deliver timely and accurate information for business development and strategic planning. Our toolkit provides visibility into customer demand and competitive positioning across a wide variety of markets in the United States and 46 other countries.

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