MSPO Preview: Central and Eastern Europe Defense Spending Trends

Dominik Kimla analyses Central and Eastern Europe as one of the fastest growing defense markets in the world, ahead of the 26th Annual MSPO in Kielce. Read more.

Pakistan Looks East: Why Pakistan is Turning from Washington to Beijing for Defense Equipment

Shane Mason examines how the halting of US military assistance to Pakistan affects their defense procurement practices, and the implications for US industry in the region. Read more.

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Operational Insights at the Dawn of the Fifth-Gen Fighter Era

By Steve Ganyard (Colonel, USMC, Ret.), David “Chip” Berke (LtCol, USMC, Ret.). Read More.

Think Bigger: Large Unmanned Systems and the Next Major Shift in Aviation

A study co-authored with AIA shows large UAS represent a cornerstone of future aviation, changing the nature of travel, technology and transport, and the economies surrounding those markets. Read More.

See the Future: Narrative-Driven Defense Innovation and Insight

Future narratives have new relevance as conventional foresight and analysis frequently cannot capture the impact of proliferating defense-applicable civilian technology, newly empowered actors & entities, and profound demographic & societal changes. Read More.

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Avascent is the leading strategy and management consulting firm serving clients operating in aerospace, defense and other government-driven markets. Working with corporate leaders and financial investors, Avascent delivers sophisticated, fact-based solutions in the areas of strategic growth, value capture, and mergers and acquisition support.

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