Avascent awarded MINDS Grant by the Canadian Department of National Defence

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OTTAWA – Avascent is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security Targeted Engagement Grant by the Department of National Defence in Canada. The Targeted Engagement Grant will support a survey and analysis of efforts by the US Department of Defense (DOD) to promote innovation in technology development and adoption, in an effort to draw on new commercial technologies with military application.

Executed in partnership with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI), this project will support the work of many stakeholders across the Government of Canada including National Defence, Global Affairs Canada and the Trade Commissioner Service and more.

The Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) program was created by the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ (DND/CAF) to invest in and expand defence engagement with academia and other experts to strengthen the foundation of evidence-based policy making. To that end, the Targeted Engagement Grant program aims to drive innovation in defence policy thinking and to foster the next generation of defence and security experts. When complete, this project will provide a valuable resource to policy makers and innovative Canadian firms operating in the US market.

“This work offers an exciting opportunity for Canada to identify and understand new and innovative technologies and procurement approaches in the world’s largest defence and security marketplace,” said Michael Petric, Head of Avascent’s Office in Ottawa. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with Canada’s leading institution on Global Affairs, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.”

Avascent’s partner, CGAI Vice President and Senior Analyst Dave Perry noted that “Avascent’s unique perspective as a leading firm in government driven markets will make an important contribution to the discussion on innovation in procurement and defence technologies in Canada.”

About the Canadian Global Affairs Institute
The Canadian Global Affairs Institute is Canada’s most credible source of expertise on global affairs. The work of our researchers, fellows and advisors sparks impassioned nation-wide discussions and debates that are designed to help Canadians better understand their role on the world stage. Established in August 2001 and based in Calgary and Ottawa, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute is a registered charity, which comments repeatedly in the media and publishes extensively on defence, diplomacy, trade, resources, and development.

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