Avascent celebrates 10th Anniversary of its Founding

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Leading aerospace and defense consultancy celebrates ten years of committed client service

WASHINGTON, DC – On February 1, 2017, Avascent celebrated its tenth anniversary. Founded as a result of a management buyout of DFI Corporate Services, the company has grown substantially, expanding its DC-based operations while adding offices in Paris, London, and Ottawa. It also launched Avascent Analytics, which offers the most comprehensive market coverage of A&D and government-driven markets available. The past decade has also seen the creation of Avascent Global Advisors, a network of senior advisors and experts that support clients in the US and around the world.

At its founding, Avascent served clients in the aerospace, defense, government services, and private equity industries. Since then, it has expanded to serve leading players in the cyber and IT space, healthcare, commercial aerospace, transit, infrastructure and public safety realms.

In the original announcement of the acquisition, Avascent President Steve Irwin spoke of the company’s “deep collective commitment to our work, our clients, and to this company and its people,” a sentiment still reflected at Avascent today: “Ten years ago, our founding colleagues and I took a leap of faith to secure an independent future for the firm feeling safe in the knowledge that our founding principles to provide rigorous business analysis to solve our clients’ challenges would ensure our growth and continued success,” said Irwin. “We remain committed to providing our clients rigorous and actionable analysis and advice, while also building an organization and culture that brings out the very best in our people.”

Avascent celebrated its 10th Founders Day with its annual Day of Service, sending volunteers to the Capital Area Food Bank as well as partnering with Service Never Sleeps to use its analysis practices to find solutions to challenges faced by local non-profits. This work will continue throughout the year, with Avascent partnering with Service Never Sleeps in a multi-faceted role to continue to provide consulting support to these non-profits.

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