Avascent on the Record: COVID-19’s Impact on the Commercial Rotorcraft Market

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During this episode of Avascent’s On The Record Podcast, Avascent Research Associate Alix Leboulanger sat down with Hamilton Cook to break down the impact of COVID-19 on the commercial rotorcraft markets as a result of the collapse of the oil.

In addition, they also discuss the implications this is having overall in a kickoff to a mini-series on COVID and commercial aviation.

Specifically they discuss:

  • The disruption of major rotorcraft markets by the dueling crises
  • How the emergency and medical services market is serving as a bright spot for the industry
  • Rotorcraft OEMs focusing on military customers as launching point for next generation offerings like the Airbus H160 and the Bell 525
  • The impact of previously delayed backorders upon future production lines as customers look to diversify fleets
  • The underlying threat of falling availability rates and rising costs on newer platforms as customer budgets see greater constraints

Listen below or download on iTunes or Android.

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