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Across the Government Services markets, whether competing in the ever-changing Information Technology (IT) market or in the efficiency driven Technical Services market, maintaining focus on the right portfolio of opportunities is critical. Aligning competencies, customer relationships, and competitive rate structures requires agility and constant vigilance.

Avascent’s technology consulting experts work closely with IT and Technical Services clients as they look to access adjacent markets, secure precious recompete opportunities, identify cost efficiencies to ensure future competitiveness, and expand capability either through organic or inorganic means.

Information Technology Consulting

The need for advanced IT technologies and services by government agencies has steadily grown over the past two decades. While increasing efficiency through IT investment is always front of mind amongst Chief Information Officers (CIOs), the constant need to modernize legacy systems and develop new applications consistently expands the market now accounting for over $80B in spending each year.

One of the hallmarks of today’s IT market remains the ever-increasing utilization of commercial technologies and platforms, particularly enterprise cloud computing solutions. Custom solutions to meet custom needs of mission-oriented government customers remain critical but a smaller portion of the market is often riding on top of standard commercial solutions procured through different channels.

Naturally, the increase of commercial solutions also impacts how public sector customers acquire IT solutions and services. Significant opportunity is created with each advancement and our technology consulting team comprised of seasoned market analysts, experience prices / sales channel managers, and technology market experts can help.

Technical Services

From overseas logistics support, to complex sustainment of naval ship systems electronics, to operating sophisticated laboratories performing research and health care support the range and breadth of technical services required by the government is sometimes overwhelming. While customers certainly seek greater efficiency and demand competitive rate structures the tradeoff between technology and labor increasingly drives customer requirements and competitive strategies.

Our Technology Consulting Expertise

Strategy & Growth

Top-line growth is critical to ensuring a healthy IT or Technical Services enterprise.

Smart growth enables strong financial returns, but is also critical to attracting talent, providing career paths for talented employees, as well as generating greater resources for future investment in the business.

How We Help Our Clients:

We support:

  • Corporate growth strategies and market forecasts,
  • Adjacent market or customer-focused growth planning

We provide analytic support on customer needs, competitor approaches, sales channel development, and partnering strategies so your sales team can spend more time with customers.

Capture Support

Winning new opportunities and securing recompetes is the lifeblood of all IT & Technical Services companies. Competition, however, is fiercer than ever and what used to be considered core and highly defensible is increasingly harder to predict.

Key to dealing with these pressures include getting an early start to understanding the customer and competitor environment and generating insightful Price-to-Win assessments.

How We Help Our Clients:

Our technology consulting team provides the full range of customer, competitor, and price-to-win (PTW) support for our IT & Technical Services clients. If you need a ‘check the box’ competitor analysis or PTW assessment, we may not be the right firm for you.

We pride ourselves on assisting our clients with custom, independent, and in-depth assessments aimed at truly increasing your probability of win for your strategic captures.

M&A Transaction Support

Acquisition has been a hallmark of the IT & Technical Services market landscape for the past decade.

While low interest rates and steady growth have driven a host of Private Equity players to invest in this market, the quest for greater returns through scale has driven the strategy of many strategic players in the market.

How We Help Our Clients:

We are the market leader of strategic due diligence of IT & Technical Services companies. We work closely with both Private Equity investors and strategic players as they assess potential investments and position.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Support

Ensuring the correct rate structures for the correct market segments is also critical for IT & Technical Services firms to both grow top line as well as return greater value to shareholders.

Whether entering an adjacent market, positioning for a major recompete, or integrating a recently acquired business, strong FP&A skills are necessary for success in these dynamic markets.

How We Help Our Clients:

We have a world class team of FP&A professionals with years of experience across the IT & Technical Services markets. We provide our clients with rate assessments, indirect/back-office cost alignment, mid-course program reviews, and detailed Post Merger Integration (PMI services).

 Our Information Technology Consulting Experts




Tim specializes in providing defense and security firms with the full range of management and strategy consulting support.




Brian specializes in business capture, post-merger integration, and financial strategy support for large professional services clients.




Rachel supports professional and IT services firms translating macro market trends, customer requirements, and competitive dynamics into sustainable growth strategies.

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