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Avascent’s healthcare consulting team helps companies navigating complex healthcare markets with diversity of regulations, payment systems, business dynamics, and government responsibilities presenting distinct challenges to companies operating across different healthcare systems and customers.

We support leading health IT industry equipment and service providers with:

  • Healthcare market research,
  • Growth strategy development,
  • Tactical go-to-market and opportunity capture support, and
  • Healthcare transaction advisory.

Today’s healthcare system is in a period of transformation as the role of government in healthcare – as a payer, provider, regulator, and public health & life sciences provider – continues to evolve.

Ultimately, each of our healthcare consulting engagements is focused on translating macro market trends, customer requirements, and competitive dynamics into sustainable growth strategies in this complex health IT industry market.

 Our Healthcare Consulting & Health IT Industry Expertise

Avascent has broad experience helping companies navigate the complexities of the federal healthcare and commercial healthcare markets as business leaders face increasing pressure to fundamentally transform the way they approach these markets. Our healthcare consulting team helps clients capture growth and remain competitive in the areas of the:

  • Health IT industry,
  • Patient care and management, and
  • Public health and life sciences.

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Health IT

Health IT is at the forefront of innovation and reform across healthcare systems worldwide. Avascent has extensive experience developing growth strategies for established players and new entrants in the health IT market.

How We Help Our Clients:

Our tailored analytic support helps clients identify and capture large, value-added opportunities and translate capabilities across a rapidly evolving value chain.

Patient Care & Management

We help companies capture growth within increasingly competitive health systems, including major government payers (e.g., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and military communities (e.g., Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Health).

How We Help Our Clients:

We work to identify evolving requirements (e.g., quality-based care, fraud, waste, and abuse prevention), benchmark competitors, and define required investments.

Public Health & Life Sciences

With a focus on government health customers including the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, and other Department of Health and Human Services Operating Divisions.

How We Help Our Clients:

We provide a nuanced understanding of customer priorities and procurement demands, enabling clients to expand market share.

 Our Healthcare Consulting & Health IT Industry Experts




Rachel leads the Healthcare practice, specializing in patient care and benefits management, public health and life sciences, and health IT.




Laurie is a senior advisor to Avascent’s Healthcare practice, consulting on a wide range of issues faced by companies in this market.

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