Avascent at the Polls

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With the upcoming US General Election, Avascent is encouraging its US staff to fully engage in the democratic process. This year, in addition to providing people with paid time to vote, Avascent is urging employees to volunteer to work as poll workers in their communities by offering paid time off and flexible scheduling.

Due to the coronavirus, many communities across the country have faced a severe shortage of poll workers. Older Americans, who have long served as the backbone of the election workforce, have been especially hard hit by COVID-19 and are often understandably reluctant to place themselves at risk. As a result, election officials have sought new volunteers to fill the gap, both during early voting as well as on election day, November 3rd. Staffing the polls is a non-partisan activity, meaning that almost anyone can volunteer to support this vital role. Anyone wishing to volunteer in their community can visit Power to the Polls for more information.

Avascent is proud to give employees the time off to perform this important civic role.

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