Avascent Sells Defense Market Analytics Business to Janes

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Avascent redoubles its focus on consulting to senior decision-makers across defense, aerospace, technology, and financial sectors

Avascent, the leading global aerospace, defense and government technology consultancy, announced today the sale of its defense market analytics business, otherwise known as the Global Platforms & Systems (GPS) subscription service, to Janes, the trusted global agency for open-source defense intelligence.

“We are extremely proud to have grown GPS into the leading source of market forecast data to major defense companies over the past decade,” said Steve Irwin, Avascent President. “We understand that to compete in the increasingly crowded data subscription market requires continual investment in new capabilities and data resources. Through the course of extensive discussions, we concluded that selling the business would best serve the interests of Avascent, our clients, and the GPS team.”

Avascent will continue its central focus on growing and diversifying its consulting services, with an emphasis on broadening its capabilities to address the full spectrum of strategic and management challenges faced by its clients while employing sophisticated methodologies and digital decision-making tools. For over three decades, Avascent has helped corporate leaders, investors, and government agencies meet their objectives and position for success across a range of government-driven market sectors.

Doug Berenson, Avascent Managing Director and head of Avascent Analytics, will support the delivery of GPS through a transitional period to ensure that clients experience no disruption in the quality of the product or the attendant support services. This work is one element of a broader cooperative arrangement between Avascent and Janes designed to identify future joint opportunities to serve their respective clients.

“Given the proven capabilities of the GPS dataset, we will continue to use it in our consulting work and look forward to benefiting from the advancements the Janes team has planned for the tool,” Berenson commented. “Indeed, we anticipate that our deep understanding of the GPS tool and its capabilities will continue to be a source of differentiation while also allowing us to identify collaborative initiatives that capitalize on the best of both companies’ capabilities.”

“GPS brings a highly complementary capability into the Janes ecosystem of connected data that our customers trust in their most critical decisions, ensuring that we will continue to deliver the objective open-source intelligence and analytics that the world of defense and security relies upon,” said Blake Bartlett, CEO of Janes. “I’m also delighted to be establishing a framework for collaboration, ensuring we can optimize our respective solutions to customers where a combination of Janes and Avascent expertise is the right approach.”

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