Avascent awarded New Horizons in Health Contract by Canadian Space Agency

 In Company News

OTTAWA – Avascent is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract “New Horizons in Health Contract to Support Think Tanks” by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The work on this contract will support the CSA’s Health Beyond Initiative’s objective to leverage ambitions of space exploration and need to support healthcare for astronauts for the benefits of remote and isolated populations. Avascent will work closely with CSA teams to bring together a multidisciplinary group of experts from across Canada to identify potential synergies between health care systems for rural and remote communities and astronaut care in deep space.

In the coming months Avascent will coordinate with the CSA to launch a series of virtual workshops (Think Tanks) to re-evaluate approaches to astronaut healthcare. Key topics will include:

  • AI in Health Care
  • New Frontiers in Space Health Technologies
  • Remote Health Challenges / Priorities
  • Medical Technologies Integration

Avascent will support CSA with outreach, facilitation, and providing strategic insights to the Health Beyond team based on outputs from these sessions to help inform CSA’s decision-making with regards to improving health care for deep space missions.

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