Mark Shields to Retire from Avascent

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Following a long and successful consulting career, Avascent’s Managing Director Mark Shields has retired from the company effective June 30, 2020.

Since joining Avascent’s predecessor firm, DFI International, in 2006 Mark has excelled in his dual roles of internal leadership and client management. His enduring commitment to the professionals he manages and the clients he serves has established a legacy of excellence now deeply embedded into Avascent’s values and culture.

“My time at Avascent has been a true gift,” Shields said. “I’m especially grateful to have spent the past 14 years working with the finest professionals solving critical client problems. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone at Avascent and I look forward to staying in touch and watching the firm continue to grow.”

During Avascent’s management buyout in early 2007, Mark’s leadership was critical to the creation of the dynamic organization Avascent is today. Mark has since been a true leader of the firm focused on delivering consistent quality client service, mentorship of our professionals, and focus across Avascent’s strategic activities.

“Mark’s influence on Avascent will be forever felt,” said Avascent President Steve Irwin. “I am a strong believer that our firm’s future success stands on the shoulders of leaders, like Mark, who have established our legacy of consulting excellence. We will miss him dearly but will continue to benefit from his contributions for years to come.”

Prior to joining the Avascent team, Mark had years of consulting, entrepreneurial, and military experience including as Vice President at, Partner at Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman), and as Infantry Officer in the United States Army.

Although entering retirement, Mark intends to maintain his relationship with Avascent. Mark has graciously agreed to assist the firm as a member of its Global Advisor team and help with various training and internal initiatives. In his new found free time, Mark and his wife, Karen, expect to spend more time with their four children and their family who are currently spread across the country pursuing their careers in military service, business, music, and healthcare.

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