Avascent on the Record: Defense Spending in the Trump Administration: Making Sense of the Early Numbers

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Over the next few days, the Trump administration will be shedding some light on the shape of their defense budget request, with federal agencies receiving guidance today, President Trump speaking at the joint sessions of Congress tomorrow night and a further document release expected on March 13. With the confusing mass of numbers which is likely to appear over the next few days, Sebastian Sobolev and Matt Vallone provide context to the emerging disclosures and explain what the numbers mean, what they don’t mean, and how we can expect to see the budget process play out over the coming months.
**Correction: During the podcast Matt Vallone mentions that tax reform was included in reconciliation instructions for the FY 2017 budget, but it was not. It will be included in the FY 2018 budget reconciliation instructions.

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