Satellite Communications & Earth Observation

Avascent combines data-driven research, a global network of satellite technology advisors, and interview-intensive insights for a unique understanding of what capabilities customers value most, when they need them, and what they value and are willing to pay for. We have supported clients across the satellite value-chain and all types of customers and offerings.

 Our Satellite Communications & Earth Observation Expertise

Efficient use of satellite frequencies is the lifeblood of satellite communications. Revolutionary new technologies are allowing orders-of-magnitude efficiencies in spectrum utilization, even as satellite operators and manufacturers are designing and delivering newer, more efficient satellites and constellations. The satellite industry is delivering far more communications capacity than ever, at a fraction of previous costs – upending a once stable and predictable market. 

Rapid change in the earth observation market is driven by the convergence of the ongoing “new-space” revolutions in launch, small satellites and analytics – and by changes in how and when customers acquire imaging. New fleets of highly-capable satellites bringing lower-cost, more diverse and more capable imagery that, combined with artificial intelligence and analytics, is bringing more utility and value to both commercial and government customers.

We are here to help position operators or payload providers for new markets, support data analysis firms as they choose how to play in E/O, help manufacturers and integrators evaluate satcom investments and offerings or helping existing and assist new E/O companies re-evaluate their business models and markets to ensure they are positioned to capitalize on growth – and succeed against increasingly-capable competitors.

Avascent brings the experience-driven market insights, data resources and strategic processes to ensure our clients are positioned for success today – and tomorrow.

Satellite Technology Services

Lower-cost access to Space, and rapid investment and innovation in satellite architectures are enabling new ways to serve customer needs in communications networks and Earth observation for commercial, civil and national security. Our deep expertise helps satellite technology operators successfully negotiate this large, lucrative, but complex and fast-changing market.

How We Help Our Clients

From helping a leading Earth imaging company move successfully into new markets, to advising a global satellite communications operator decide on a multi-hundred-million-dollar satellite investment decision, Avascent’s uniquely-informed analysis helps clients with their most challenging business decisions.

Satellite Ground Networks and Technologies

Sophisticated ground networks, modems and antennas are increasingly critical to the success of space-based networks, architectures and business models. Electronically-steered antennas for mobile communications, high-throughput/low-cost gateways for “HTS” satellites, cyber and data analytics are all critical to evolving space businesses and applications.

How We Help Our Clients

We help network providers of all types understand industry dynamics, using our deep expertise in, and relationships with, providers of ground systems technology and integrated solutions. We ensure our clients understand the technical and business complexities across the entire Space network, enabling informed investment and business decisions.

Our Satellite Communications & Earth Observation Experts




Stephen leads Avascent’s Space practice, serving clients in space, communications and select defense technology markets.




Andrew provides strategic guidance to commercial satellite operators, service providers, OEMs, and national space agencies.




Tim specializes in supporting firms active in the defense, federal, and commercial electronics and software markets.




Joe leads the London office, supporting strategic and private equity clients pursuing organic and inorganic growth strategies.

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