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Avascent’s commercial aerospace consulting team works with the full range of aviation and commercial aerospace players – aircraft manufacturers, component suppliers, technology providers, and service companies – assisting with:

  • Growth strategies,
  • New and adjacent market analyses,
  • Competitive analysis,
  • Pricing evaluations, and
  • Transaction support

Our work is dedicated to ensuring our clients grow more quickly and sustainably than their peers in this highly cyclical sector.


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 Our Commercial Aerospace Expertise

We bring decades of experience advising the civil aviation and commercial aerospace industries on some of the world’s most complex business and technology challenges. Our commercial aerospace consulting support has covered the entire aviation value chain from original equipment manufacturers, aerostructures, unmanned systems, connectivity, systems and components, and aftermarket, as detailed below:


Aircraft and engine OEMs are keenly focused on ensuring the timely launch and production ramp-up of next-generation aircraft. Yet new non-traditional players are poised to disrupt air transport markets over the next decade through advancements in:

  • Autonomy,
  • Electric power,
  • Data analytics, and
  • Other transformational technologies

How We Help Our Clients

We work closely with OEM strategy teams to develop roadmaps that turn potential technological threats into opportunities for sustained growth.


The ongoing consolidation of the aerostructures market continues unabated, not only due to the scarcity of new-build programs, but as players face growing pressure to cut cost while improving product performance and reliability.

How We Help Our Clients

We provide

  • Competitive benchmarking,
  • Opportunity identification, and
  • Program capture analysis to support major manufacturers’ organic growth ambitions.

We also enable inorganic growth strategies through M&A strategy development and due-diligence assessments.

Aftermarket & MRO

While the continued expansion of the global fleet drives steady growth in aftermarket services demand, new opportunities are increasingly hard to come by as OEMs seek greater control over this margin-rich domain.

How We Help Our Clients

We leverage for our clients:

  • Proprietary market data,
  • Voice-of-customer insights, and
  • Competitive intelligence

This helps service providers and other aftermarket players ensure the safety of legacy business and identify sustainable new growth vectors.

Aircraft Systems & Components

System integrators and their suppliers are beginning to face significant margin erosion as aircraft OEMs seek to rebalance industry profitability. Cost-cutting programs, insourcing threats, and aftermarket contract renegotiations are all driving significant upheaval and testing many supply chain relationships.

How We Help Our Clients

We work with providers across all tiers to ensure the sustainability of current positions and evaluate adjacent growth avenues that can counteract future headwinds in core markets.

Unmanned Aerial Systems & Services

The increased proliferation of UAS is poised to

  • Drive significant air transport cost savings,
  • Enhance aviation safety, and
  • Unlock new mission sets and economic opportunity.

However, significant technological, regulatory, and cultural barriers must still be addressed to fully unleash this market potential. Cutthroat competitive pressures only make it more challenging to chart clear, long-term growth plans.

How We Help Our Clients

Our proprietary market databases and deep understanding of the enabling technologies, upstart players, and UAS end-users allow us to offer detailed perspective on viable growth paths in this frenetic market environment.

Aviation Connectivity & Air Traffic Management

The migration to increasingly digital communications networks is creating tremendous opportunity for much-needed efficiency improvements across the aviation ecosystem. Yet despite the clear operational benefits, the path to long-term profitability for many industry stakeholders remains elusive.

How We Help Our Clients

We work with technology providers across the supply chain

  • From network operators to OEMs and analytics providers
  • To identify customer pain points, assess competitive threats, and secure valuable partnerships that ensure a sustainable position in the market.

Our Commercial Aerospace Experts




Jay leads the practice working with firms and financial sponsors in air transport, rotorcraft, business and general aviation end-markets.




Chris brings over 17 years of industry, equity research, and consulting experience in the aerospace and defense sector.




Joe leads the London office, supporting strategic and private equity clients pursuing organic and inorganic growth strategies.

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