Avascent’s Day of Service with Lighthouse DC

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Washington, DC– Avascent, a leading aerospace, defense and government consultancy based in Washington, D.C., recently partnered with Lighthouse DC, for its annual 9/11 Day of Service. Co-founded by Avascent alum Brian Hart, Lighthouse partners with local nonprofits, government, business and professionals to dramatically reduce the cost of housing-related services to ensure that when previously homeless or low-income residents finally secure housing, these houses can actually be furnished to create a home. 

As Brian explained in a recent op-ed in The DC Line, residents who have recently secured housing are often struggling with a traumatic experience (for example, a medical issue, a flooded house or the loss of a loved one), and do not have the money or resources to afford furnishing their new home. While donated furniture may seem like a solution, pickup from a furniture bank, usually located outside the city, is usually prohibitively expensive. Without a stable home, many revert to homelessness or suffer in poverty.

Last September, Avascent provided financial support and volunteers to help fully furnish a three-bedroom apartment for Ms. Tania Webb and her two young daughters, who had become homeless after the passing of Ms. Webb’s husband. Ms. Webb’s two daughters, who were starting elementary school four weeks later, had been sleeping on the floor before Ms. Webb reached out to Lighthouse. By combining work with local nonprofits including Jubilee Housing, Pathways to Housing and Miriam’s Kitchen, Lighthouse helps eliminate duplicated efforts and reduce costs to help their clients.

“We were so grateful to be asked to join this effort by Lighthouse,” said Mimi Shieh, Avascent Chief Human Resources Officer and volunteer. “The day was incredibly moving as was the family’s reaction when they saw their new home.”

Avascent’s day with Lighthouse was captured in this video.


LightHouse DC is an incorporated organization of Washington, DC, founded in February 2017 by nonprofit and community leaders. LightHouse was formed in response to a glaring problem: lack of furniture and household goods for homeless and low-income people who secure housing. Many families and individuals who obtain housing are forced to live in an empty space, eat or sleep on the floor, or even delay moving in. One family at a time, Lighthouse turns empty spaces into homes for homeless or low-income residents who have secured affordable housing. We seek to channel community generosity to those we serve, uplifted by volunteers, partnerships, and donated household goods. To find out more about Lighthouse DC, visit: lighthousewdc.org.

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