Emily KiverAnalyst
  • Washington, DC

Emily Kiver’s Bio

Emily Kiver is an Analyst at Avascent, where she supports growth strategy and competitive analysis for clients in federal and international government-driven markets. Emily’s work includes researching and evaluating competitive landscapes and assessing market outlook to support go-to-market strategy.

Before joining Avascent, Emily had experience in the renewable energy and non-profit sectors, performing research and analysis on state-level renewable energy and carbon emissions policies through her work for the Pennsylvania Solar Center and Penn State University.

She has additional experience in political research on the Holocaust, especially as it relates to its effect on American public opinion and broader political knowledge trends in the United States.


Emily is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, where she received a B.A. in international politics and a B.S. in earth science and policy, with a focus on climate change.

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