Defense Systems

Our defense consulting team works with a wide range of defense systems, sub-systems, and component companies to:

  • Organize for,
  • Identify, and
  • Capture increasingly vital opportunities

We are able to match deep sector expertise, proven analytical tools and methods, and an intense client service ethic to provide value to companies operating or looking to grow in domestic and international markets. Our clients include:

  • Large primes and systems integrators,
  • Suppliers of complex electronic sub-systems, and
  • Firms specializing in advanced components and materials

With customers increasingly emphasizing rapidly developed solutions and adaptations of commercial technologies, standard formulae for capturing defense systems value are increasingly outdated.

We help defense technology firms protect the core and sustain growth. Companies in these groups face a differing array of challenges and opportunities, and we bring a client-focused approach to problem-solving.

We support contractors facing the most intense competition for major system competitions that, win or lose, will reshape the future of an entire industry, as well as niche and emerging advanced systems that are the first step toward market dominance.

 Our Defense Systems Expertise

Our defense systems consulting team brings decades of experience supporting clients in market entry, retention, growth strategies, and competitive diligences in a wide range of areas outlined below:

Sub-System Development, Integration & Commercialization

Our team’s expertise extends to the unique challenges faced by suppliers of military electronics and other specialized sub-components of complex weapon systems.

Our clients face significant investment decisions regarding allocation of internal development and advanced manufacturing budgets to design and commercialized advanced systems. Senior leadership needs confidence in forecasts and win probabilities to show ROI to investors

Over hundreds of assignments, our work has spanned from:

  • Radar and electro-optical sensors
  • Electronic warfare and intelligence gathering systems
  • Advanced PNT systems
  • Specialized computing hardware and software algorithms
  • Radios, networking, communications, and data links

How We Help Our Clients

Our clients, which face intense competition from their peers, pricing pressures from primes, and increasing scrutiny from government buyers, rely on our insights to:

  • Identify, evaluate, and prioritize new growth areas and opportunities
  • Develop high-level strategies for revitalizing franchise positions or migrating up the value chain
  • Analyze customer and competitive positioning to shape system value propositions and technology roadmaps
  • Tactical capture strategies and pricing support to bid effectively within highly contested markets

Family-of-System Solutions and Disruptions

While many contractors are focused on their specific system role in the value chain, government customers are increasingly considering how family-of-system solutions – networking of disparate platforms and sub-systems – will reshape future acquisition programs and requirements.

How We Help Our Clients

With experience across all defense systems, we work with clients at the intersection of multiple system and operational concepts. We help clients take thought leadership positions within this significant trend:

  • Considering how family-of-systems concepts can reshape future platform and subsystem demand, both from an upside and downside perspective
  • How they allow for disruptive innovation from both traditional defense and commercial players
  • How to position current and future offerings for emerging programs

Our Defense Systems Experts




Tim specializes in providing defense and security firms with the full range of management and strategy consulting support.




Jay’s 20 years’ experience has cut across multiple segments of interest, from traditional A&D to energy and cybersecurity.




Doug specializes in analyzing A&D markets, focusing on the macroeconomic, budgetary and programmatic forces shaping global security markets.




Matt assists businesses with the challenges posed by changing budget, mission, technological, and competitive dynamics.




Julien is a subject matter expert in military platforms, offensive and defensive systems, CONOPS, defense procurement and export issues.




Joe has broad experience in military platforms and weapons systems, defense systems and electronics, and aftermarket and other government services.

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