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Our defense consulting team works with a wide range of defense platform integrators and OEMs to:

  • Organize for,
  • Identify,
  • Capture, and
  • Maintain ownership of increasingly vital opportunities

We are able to match deep sector expertise, proven analytical tools and methods, and an intense client service ethic to provide value to companies operating or looking to grow in domestic and international markets. Our clients include:

  • Large global defense primes and systems integrators,
  • Specialized, domain-specific (air, land, sea, space) OEMs, and
  • Commercial OEMs seeking defense market entry

With customers increasingly emphasizing rapidly developed solutions and adaptations of military, commercial, and militarized-commercial “off-the-shelf” and non-developmental platforms, traditional strategies for capturing defense platform positions are increasingly outdated.

We help defense technology firms protect the core and sustain growth. Companies in these groups face a differing array of challenges and opportunities, and we bring a client-focused approach to problem-solving.

We support contractors facing the most intense competition for platform competitions that, win or lose, will reshape the future of an entire industry, as well as niche and emerging platforms and modernization programs that are the first step toward market dominance.

 Our Defense Consulting Platforms Expertise

Our defense consulting team brings decades of experience supporting clients in market entry, retention, growth strategies, and competitive diligences in a wide range of areas outlined below:

Existing Franchise Platform Positioning & Expansion

Our defense consulting team’s expertise extends to the unique challenges faced by incumbent defense platform integrators and OEMs. Over hundreds of assignments, our work has spanned from:

  • Manned and unmanned fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Naval vessels of all sizes
  • Combat, logistics, and specialized ground vehicles
  • Space launch vehicles and satellites
  • Integrated air and missile defense systems in all domains

How We Help Our Clients

Our incumbent clients face intense competition from aggressive new entrants, shifting budget priorities, re-competition of franchise ownership by government customers, and disruption from family of systems and other non-platform concepts.

They rely on our insights to:

  • Defend and “keep sold” existing franchise positions
  • Evaluate budget pain points and whitespace growth potential
  • Identify mission expansion opportunities for new platform sales
  • Identify and prioritize international opportunities
  • Bid effectively for recompetes within highly contested markets

New Platform Segment Entry and Capture

While many contractors see an RFP as an opportunity to secure a new platform, Avascent clients know that capturing a new platform position is a long and arduous development and shaping campaign followed by a sharp capture and competitive pricing phase.

With many players competing for fewer critical opportunities, early and continuous customer and competitive positioning is table stakes in the defense market.

How We Help Our Clients

Our defense consulting work includes:

  • High-level strategy development for targeting new growth franchise positions in core and adjacent markets
  • Customer/competitive analysis to shape platform/system value propositions, win themes, ghosting strategies, key proposal messages, and technology roadmaps
  • Optimization of platform and subsystem trades shaping competitive non-price evaluation
  • Should-cost, design-to-cost, and price-to-win support for optimized low price and/or best value platform offerings

Supply Chain Optimization

While many contractors think of supply chain as a functional support area, Avascent’s clients increasingly see supply chain as a strategic and tactical differentiator for “keep sold” and new franchise capture efforts.

This requires insights into multiple realms of Avascent expertise: customer perceptions, competitive pressures, contracting restrictions, available alternatives, achievable cost savings, and criticality to delivery of capability.

How We Help Our Clients

With experience across all defense platforms, we work with clients at the intersection of multiple subsystems and supply chain optimization goals:

  • Acquisition and sustainment cost take-out to support “keep-sold” and competitive takeaways
  • Optimization of existing supplier relationships through integration and multi-program business cases
  • Identification of new suppliers, including adjacent defense players, commercial players, and disruptive small businesses

 Our Defense Consulting Experts




Focusing on defense platforms and systems, Matt assists with challenges from changing budget, mission, technological, and competitive dynamics.




Julien is a subject matter expert in military platforms, offensive and defensive systems, CONOPS, defense procurement and export issues.




Kelleigh’s expertise includes defense platforms, open innovation models and commercial/defense collaboration, and advanced manufacturing.

Matt Breen



Matt leads engagements centered on transaction advisory, market expansion, global competitive dynamics, PTW analysis, and strategic growth.

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