Steve IrwinPresident
  • Washington, D.C.

Steve Irwin’s Bio

After leading the successful buyout of DFI Corporate Practice in 2007, Steve Irwin became president of Avascent. Steve is principally responsible for overall strategy development and manages the firm’s operations. His work has helped shape, define and implement client growth strategies across the full breadth of Avascent’s portfolio.

With over 20 years experience in the defense and aerospace industries, Steve has worked on more than 100 client strategy and management consulting engagements on topics ranging from new product development to customer strategy implementation. Working with senior managers of leading aerospace, defense and homeland security firms, he has overseen teams tasked with analyzing and segmenting markets, determining customer requirements, assessing the competitive environments, and developing merger and acquisition strategies.

Prior to joining the firm, Steve worked in government and as an Associate at the Henry L. Stimson Center, where he authored Technology Policy and America’s Future (St. Martin’s Press: New York, 1993)


He holds degrees from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS and Stanford University.

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