Avascent’s Energy consulting practice supports private and public-sector clients both deeply entrenched in the industry and looking to diversify, as well as new entrants seeking to leverage novel services and technological approaches to energy markets, typically focused on:

  • Growth strategies,
  • Opportunity capture, and
  • Innovative new energy technology applications

In response to profound changes in the energy industry and evolving but impressive opportunities, established firms and emerging players in petro-chemicals and renewables have unleashed a steady torrent of innovation.

Avascent supports clients that need greater efficiencies in their internal processes from foundational research to end-production, as the market demands more cost effective and sustainable solutions, while harnessing both traditional research and development capabilities and embarking on novel partnerships.

As energy players seek to grow, commercialize, and monetize hitherto stove-piped or neglected human capital, intellectual property, and know-how, Avascent advises on the diversification that has been the major component of these industry efforts.

 Our Energy Consulting Expertise

Setting aside the more traditional advisory services that are well-served by specialist firms (e.g. commodities price forecasting, government affairs), Avascent harnesses two core skills in its energy consulting practice:

  1. Expertise in technology analysis, and
  2. Profound understanding of government-regulated markets

We use this functional approach to enable holistic analysis and delivery of actionable business intelligence, all the more important as the energy sector strays outside its traditional technological and business swim-lanes. Coupled with the intense role of government as regulator, consumer, and investor, the sector demands a unique flavor of support that we are superbly positioned to provide in the following areas:

New Energy Technology Development

Technological developments have driven significant innovation and growth in the energy markets. The application of improved or new approaches and solutions has enabled established energy firms and new market entrants to more efficiently:

  • Develop,
  • Transmit, and
  • Store energy resources

How We Help Our Clients:

We work with technology investors, innovators, producers, and end-users to assess market conditions, develop business cases, and implement commercialization strategies for new technology across the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments, as well as for renewable energy, storage, and broader technologies.

Energy Industry Services

Energy production requires work in austere, remote, and dangerous environments, placing unique and difficult constraints on personnel and equipment.  These logistics challenges complicate even simple support tasks.

How We Help Our Clients:

Building on its sector-specific knowledge and experience from defense, infrastructure, and other sectors, we work with providers across the field services, training, transportation, and facilities support sectors to help them master and grow across the complex requirements for this market.

Modernization, Maintenance, Safety & Security

The energy sector is experiencing significant change: on one hand national laboratories, refineries, plants, and installations are aging, while on the other technology is evolving at breathtaking speed. Energy firms and organizations face the challenge of keeping existing personnel and systems online and secure in the real and virtual space, while carefully incorporating new technological solutions that promise impressive efficiencies and savings.

How We Help Our Clients:

We evaluate the breadth of market offerings, analyze the competitive landscape, consider the risks, and help firms and government successfully position and prosper in the segment.

 Our Energy Consulting Experts




Jay’s 20 years’ experience has cut across multiple segments of interest, from traditional A&D to energy and cybersecurity.




Alek’s sector expertise encompasses aerospace & defense, services and infrastructure, and public sector markets.




Michael is the Head of Avascent’s Ottawa office, with over nine years of experience in the defense and security sector.

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