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Avascent assists with capture support, growth strategies, new and adjacent market analysis, and competitive analysis works for a range of public transit and transportation clients, ranging from system integrators for fare collection, CAD/AVL, and tolling systems, to private operators for transit agencies.

The transportation and public transit market is ripe with opportunity to upgrade legacy systems and introduce new technologies, so companies face steep competition, narrowing margins, constrained customer budget environments, and uncertain technical adoption curves that require strategic and creative thinking.

Avascent’s transportation consultants are committed to ensuring that our clients are positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities, while continuing to protect core markets.

Our Transportation Consultants & Public Transit Expertise

Our team of transportation consultants brings decades of experience providing clients detailed insights and growth strategies across the spectrum of transportation technologies. We invite you to learn more about our experience below:

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Technology is having a big impact on how transit agencies think about achieving greater levels of operational efficiency and improving the rider experience. ITS technologies like Transit Control Systems, Vehicle Health Monitoring and Mobile Applications are all at the forefront of this expanding market area.

How We Help Our Clients

We help companies understand how customers currently view and procure these technologies and determine what opportunities are likely to emerge in the future.

Fare Collection/E-Tolling

An evolution in fare collection is taking place as customers upgrade from legacy systems to cutting edge open-loop, open payment systems. Adoption trends within the market vary as customers consider their unique requirements, budget constraints, and risk tolerance.

How We Help Our Clients

We assist fare collection system providers to develop targeted market growth and business capture strategies based on detailed customer and competitive analysis.


Improvements in commercial communication infrastructure are driving a shift in Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location system architectures and making the technology more affordable for transit agencies.

How We Help Our Clients

We develop strategies to help companies respond to this evolving market environment by providing clarity into customer price sensitives and unique technology requirements.

Autonomous Vehicles & Systems

The proliferation of autonomous vehicles and systems promises to:

  • Improve safety,
  • Increase operational efficiency, and
  • Reduce adverse environment impacts

How We Help Our Clients

Whether it is Positive Train Control (PTC) or fully autonomous vehicles, we provide customers with a full range of opportunity assessments and growth strategies in what is shaping up to be a rapidly changing and expanding market.

Our Transportation Consultants & Public Transit Experts




Joe leads the London office, supporting strategic and private equity clients pursuing organic and inorganic growth strategies.




Jay leads the Aerospace practice, specializing in growth strategies, competitive pricing, and M&A due diligence assessments.




Michael is the Head of Avascent’s Ottawa office, with over nine years of experience in the defense and security sector.

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