Financial Planning & Analysis

Driving top and bottom-line growth consistently in the government contracting market invariably leverages innovative and efficiently structured back-office solutions.

Whether financial performance derives from competitive cost structures that enhance organic growth of quality revenue, or through intelligently structured functional support and systems positioned to exploit scale through acquisition, it is imperative that firms are focused and persistent in their attention to innovative back-office and indirect rate strategies.

Our Financial Planning & Analysis Services

Avascent has assembled a team of corporate and program finance leaders that apply decades of industry-side experience to our client’s most challenging cost issues. Our team leverages a deep and unique mix of industry experience and skills with Avascent’s deep market domain expertise to shape credible solutions that drive sustainable value for our clients.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Maximizing the impact of a thoughtfully executed acquisition strategy requires timely focus on capturing deal synergies without “breaking the business.”

As each deal is invariably unique, selecting the appropriate mix of tools, resources, and best practices is critical to developing an effective approach to transition.

We can adapt an approach that fits the unique aspects of the client’s deal and then customizes and executes an integration plan that captures synergy while sustaining business-as-usual operations.

Rates & Indirect Cost Assessment

Whether for adjacent market strategies, establishment of new rates after an M&A transaction, or keeping an eye on core markets, Avascent is the market leader in providing our clients with the optimal rates and indirect cost structures necessary to be competitive in specific market segments.

We provide competitive cost and back office cost baselining through our market-leading and transparent cost benchmarking process.

Mid-Course Review

The value of incumbency on large contracts is no longer the advantage it once was. In fact, it is often observed that incumbents understand the requirement too well and therefore end up at a competitive disadvantage to hungry competitors looking to take away a key contract position.

To help avoid this difficult scenario, Avascent provides an independent customer and cost positioning assessment of a company’s upcoming position 12 to 18 months before an expected recompete activity. This provides our clients with the insight to make any changes necessary to increase their probability of a win on these critical programs.

 Our Financial Planning & Analysis Experts




Tim has significant experience providing clients advice on complex business issues ranging from market positioning to mergers and acquisition strategies.




Brian provides advisory support in business capture and pricing, post-merger integration, and financial strategy support for large professional services clients.

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