In a world demanding strategic agility, rigorous risk management, and ever greater efficiency, our digital solutions offer leaders the decision tools they need to act.

Yet at companies awash in data locked in enterprise systems, leaders too often find the digital thread that enables cross-functional insights and agile decision-making is just out of reach.

Fortunately, a range of highly flexible, lightweight digital tools have emerged that can fulfill the promise of data-driven strategic decision making.

Building on Avascent’s long history of integrating and organizing diverse data streams to address senior leaders’ most pressing issues, Avascent’s Digital solutions leverage state-of-the-art tools to deliver customized decision tools.

Avascent Digital solutions builds on our clients’ investment in IT infrastructures, leveraging a unique combination of analytical rigor with advanced data and decision analyses techniques:

  • A decision-centric approach focused on putting the right information and insights directly in the hands of senior executives
  • Sophisticated understanding of critical strategic and business issues facing leading aerospace, defense, and government-focused clients
  • Expertise in the critical data sources, metrics, and objectives of program and functional organizations
  • Wide-ranging yet practical understanding of key digital tools, including data integration and fusion, interactive data visualization, performance dashboards, AI/ML, and low code app development

Avascent Digital solutions offer a more nimble, lighter weight alternative that pairs strategic issue framing with rich, data-driven insights.

Our Digital Solutions

Strategy-Market Alignment

Map operational plans and business development pipelines against strategic objectives and financial forecasts as well as external insights into the evolving market dynamics to ensure on-going alignment to market and customer realities.

Draw clear connections between pipelines, strategic plans, and market developments, segment analyses by across business lines and assess plan gaps and opportunities.

Investment Efficiency

Connect business development and R&D investment data and pipeline data to analyze strategic alignment and BD resource efficiency.

Conduct rigorous assessments of historical and project ROI, identify best practices from across the business, and identify areas for additional investment or attention.

Dynamic Competitive Analysis

Uncover competitive trends and risks across the business by running advanced analytics across integrated pipeline and competitive data from across the enterprise.

Identify which competitors post the greatest threat or target, model alternative scenarios, quantify risk, and develop dynamically estimate p(win) across the portfolio.

Portfolio Monitoring

Construct a holistic view of enterprise growth initiatives, investments, and pipeline risk profile to enable decision-makers to identify emerging threats and opportunities.

Quickly drill into underlying trends, outliers and potential risk areas while viewing a unified view of the business outlook.

Human Capital & Investment Allocation

Ensure that human capital, R&D, and capital investments are aligned with strategic objectives by integrating data from across these functional areas and presenting it through a strategy lens.

Identify misallocation of resources to low potential or legacy areas and opportunities to shift investments to maximize return.

Supply Chain

Integrate operational supply chain data to drive new insights into program and organizational spend, identify critical cost drivers, and identify potential areas to achieve scale or scope savings.

Integrate and visualize cost, schedule, and performance data in new ways that enable senior leaders to make concrete decisions to drive efficiencies.

 Our Digital Solutions Experts




Nick’s expertise is in applied analytics, using advanced data analysis and visualizations to provide clients with the decision tools they need to act.




Steve has worked on more than 100 engagements from new product development to customer strategy implementation.

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